How To Build Audience For Your Live Streaming Channel?


Since YouTube ad providers have stopped paying what they used to previously, many gaming video creators have shifted their focus to live streaming videos. The problem is many people confuse live streaming videos with simple video recordings. But you need to understand, both the platforms are not the same. When you are on live, there are some strategies that you need to follow in order to retain back the audiences. Given below are some tips to grow your live streaming audience:

  • Find trending games

When you are starting to stream a live video, choose such a new and popular game that is recently in buzzing in the air and is likely to attract people. Trending games have a possibility to grab the attention of the viewers and thereby, this is how your channel too gets promoted. Go through the gaming sites and search engines to know about the trending games. Praise players more and encourage newbie to join the game.

  • Steam consistently

With any kind of content publicity, you need to keep your site updated on a regular basis. This will help the audience to keep a pace of your next live video and they will have an idea as to when to hear you next. This schedule can be adjusted as per the requirements of your audience and their rapport with them. Try to maintain one particular time limit. It is better to stream once in a week. If at all you take a break, let your audience know about you.

  • Keep the conversation going

If you sit like a dumb ass while the live streaming is going on, then you can be sure to not have much subscribers and likes are in a far away path. You don't need to keep on blabbering always. But try to be responsive in whatever way possible.